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Abide Retreat

April 28, 2022 – May 1, 2022

Price: $325

We are a busy society! We tend to give to others, pouring out our heart and energy, but forget to be still and receive from the Lord. However, you can only give what you have received, so at our Abide Retreat, we seek to provide an environment where those who give can be poured into by God and our team. In turn, you can return home refreshed, renewed, and refilled! This retreat is ideal for women who GIVE! Those who mother, who teach, who lead. Simply any woman who gives her all day after day and feels tired. The goal of the Abide Retreat is that you would return home refreshed and ready to give to others from a place of rest. Through hearing God’s Voice, teaching, discussions, and scheduled times of respite/quiet time, you will return home from this 3 night retreat feeling lighter and grateful that you came!

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